Our research went beyond simply verifying heat expansion. We looked always for stability and uniformity in the diff usion of heat, measuring the extent to which set temperatures are maintained, pursuing the goal of measurable and dependable accuracy.
In studying the use of probes, we sought to apply engineering precision to the calculation of core temperatures, taking account on a case-bycase basis of the relationship between weight-size-volume and moisture content of the food, and its position in the chamber. This method-led approach has enabled us to certify the appropriate stable range between temperatures in the chamber and diff erent time settings.
Studies on the operation of the fl ue, and of its valves — in the three modes: closed, open, partially open — were applied rigorously to the diff erent methods of cooking and to the many programmes proposed by Venix. This gave us the opportunity to make an exact

measurement of its eff ectiveness on diff erent types of food, in the quest to achieve faultless cooking results.
Measurability in determining fan speeds at every stage in the process of cooking and keeping foods provided us with an important opportunity for research. We were able to defi ne the diff usion of both natural and induced heat and moisture in foods: this is why our programmes are diversifi ed in terms of the parameters applied at the various single processing steps.
Similarly, in suggesting programmes for food processing, especially at Low Temperature, in Delta T mode and with night-time cooking, we set, monitored and measured probe temperatures with painstaking care. We were determined to make certain that our cooking suggestions were based on technically sound principles, always governed by those three key parameters: weight, size and volume.


The programmes we suggest for keeping cooked foods are designed to ensure they will always be appetizing, whatever the diff erent types of cooking methods employed.
Our research also covered correct management of the natural moisture in processed food, based on timescales and on the proportion (°C) of requisite minimum temperature.
The Venix recipe book off ers measured control over the diff erent parameters and the various steps of the cooking process.

In short, we have exploited all possible options, by controlling fan speeds, cooking times and temperatures, and fl ue draught. Accordingly, cooked foods can be perfectly balanced from every standpoint, and included in programmes that will not only meet accepted standards but off er much more besides. VENEXIA, passion, science, technology, always at your side.


A 7-inch colour display with a “high” resolution of 800×480 and IPS capacitive touch-screen technology lets you view content from all directions.
Easy operation and a multilingual keyboard does away with the need to consult a manual.


Our constantly expanding cloud platform offers a growing number of shared recipes, videos and cooking hints.
VENEXIA ovens also let you choose from 400 cooking programs, including 150 standard programs developed by leading international chefs.



Top international chefs have placed their experience at your disposal by creating a wide range of cooking programs that let you prepare top quality food with superb fl avour.
The result?
Delicious fi rst courses, perfect browned roasts, juicy meats, evenly cooked bread, fragrant desserts and crispy fries. Just select the recipe you want and relax. VENEXIA does the rest!



If you are an experienced chef, you will want to exploit your creativity and decide every aspect of the cooking process personally.
VENEXIA guarantees you top quality results thanks to accurate temperature control, uniform heat distribution, humidity control and a multipoint core temperature probe.


Cooking with
core probe

Twice the accuracy of control!
VENEXIA doubles the quality and precision of core probe cooking and doubles the certainty of results too by offering the option to use two separate probes simultaneously (the second probe is optional). A 3-point probe comes as standard for accurate temperature control. A second Sous-vide probe is also available on request for use with delicate and vacuum cooked foods.

Uniform cooking

Uniform cooking

VENEXIA is designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding bakers and pastry chefs, who need precision, sensitivity and uniform cooking to produce crispy bread and fragrant desserts.
VENEXIA’s dynamic distribution air circulation system lets you choose between 10 different fan speed with inverter. A revolutionary 6-blade fan with automatic reversal and Clima extraction system guarantee excellent results even with full oven loads.



Steaming preserves the nutritional properties of foods and maintains their original fl avour, colour and consistency. With its direct injection system, dynamic air fl ow distribution and Clima extraction technology, VENEXIA lets you achieve excellent steaming results at any temperature between 48° and 130°C to suit the type of product.



Provided your VENEXIA oven is connected to our cloud service, its native wi-fi permits functioning to be constantly monitored and assistance arranged promptly in the event of a problem.


Recipe sharing
with USB

VENEXIA ovens facilitate the management of chains of restaurants in diff erent towns or even countries.
New recipes can simply be downloaded from the portal on to a USB fl ash drive.
This means that daily menus can guarantee the same high quality standards and off er the certainty of serving excellent food all over the world, quickly and easily.



Remote control

VENEXIA ovens are designed to simplify work in the kitchen by speeding up oven operation and letting professional chefs dedicate more time to creativity and presentation. The functioning of VENEXIA ovens can be monitored remotely (from a PC, tablet or smart phone) and all the steps in the cooking of any dish can be remotely analysed too.
HACCP data can also be downloaded on to a USB fl ash drive for archiving and retrieval in order to maximise food safety and ensure conformity to applicable legislation.