Presentation Venix equipment at рlace!`s Summit of professionals

Presentation Venix equipment at рlace!`s Summit of professionals

The first Summit of professionals of place! company hosted in Moscow at September 24, 2014. The summit brought together representatives from nearly 50 companies operating in the sector of production and distribution of commercial and technological equipment from different regions of Russia from the Far East and Siberia to the western regions, from the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. In the format of the discussion the latest trends market`s the Venix company has introduced an innovative lines Venix, its technological equipment, reflecting the quality of the next generation in thermal equipment.

Tino Cauduro – founder and owner Venix company, personally introduced a new line of high-tech thermal equipment under the brand Venix for the Summit рlace! partners, which had a unique opportunity to learn from first-person company about the history of the Venix equipment and its distinctive features.


Tino Cauduro, founder and owner Venix company.


High-tech thermal equipment Venix personally represented the owner of the company Tino Cauduro.

Tino told about his many years of experience in the industry of creating thermal equipment. Working as an engineer in companies producing technological equipment, he observed the changes in the needs of the market and its trends. On the basis of these researches, the accumulated knowledges and understanding what should be a first-class thermal equipment, Tino founded his own company Venix. Equipment under this brand features a special Venetian design, reliability and usability. Special attention Venix is paid application of technological capabilities of the equipment, offering each user the most relevant solution.


Separately presented a wide range of Venix equipment, including a full range of models – from easy to use lines Manual and Digital to touch line models Sensitive with an expanded built-in functions and require a certain level of training.

The presentation of innovative solutions Venix equipment was aroused particular interest among the participants of the Summit place! in part of the complement existing models available options required for each individual use. These innovations contribute to not only improve the cooking quality, lead to a higher level through innovative programs and control of cooking, but also provide efficient use of energy, water, space in the kitchen and cooking time. The guests had the opportunity to see presented Venix equipment and to assess the stylish design and advanced technological capabilities of the equipment, which exclusive representative is the company place! in Russia.

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